Furniture Design: Imitation Is Just The Beginning

- Apr 19, 2018-

Photographs of new products at domestic and foreign furniture exhibitions, purchases, go back to copy, improve, and then to market - this is a design pattern that traditional Chinese furniture companies often adopt.

       Because of the shortage of funds and the limitation of technical conditions, the "flat copying, imitation, learning and improvement" method is actually a helpless move for the furniture industry in the early stage of development. The company did not have accumulated and established the foundation. At the time, the supply of products in the domestic market was in short supply and was in the seller's market. The furniture company was producing as many products as possible as soon as possible. Therefore, plagiarizing its peers in design became a choice.

       Most of these counterfeit products are sold at low prices, and the products make the entire industry's product update rate faster, resulting in the so-called high-performance and low-price enjoyment, but it makes the company's ability to independent innovation decline, resulting in a vicious circle.

      Influx of a large number of manufacturers, product homogeneity is serious, leading to price wars. On the one hand, innovators are getting shorter and shorter profits, and no one is willing to pay for deep innovation. In the long run, the society has created a mentality that is opportunistic and insurable. The interests of innovators cannot be guaranteed. They all wait for others to invent, and then imitate and copy. Copying best-selling products from peers has greatly reduced R&D costs and made imitations more competitive. The price is almost the only competitive advantage of Shanzhai products, which ultimately leads to poor product quality.

       For some small brands, plagiarism of big brands is a tacit one. Lack of original designers, lack of resources, imitating some of the new brands of new concepts, but can not master the professional details and overall improvement.

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