Furniture Hardware Business Transformation Of High - End To Improve Competitiveness

- Jul 27, 2017-

 With the development of China's industrial technology progress, furniture from the previous hand workshop, the development of the current mechanized mass production. Hardware accessories on the versatility, interchangeability, functionality, decorative with a higher demand. The diversification of the substrate, the structural reform and the use of the function of the increase in the role of furniture hardware in the furniture is no longer just decorative and part of the activities of the connection, its function more and more strong, more and more areas involved The Professionals said that for the furniture manufacturing enterprises, from the "ordinary goods" to "custom merchandise" transformation, closer to customers, to create value-added products and services, companies need to improve production efficiency, reduce costs, improve product quality, Outside the market competitiveness.

    In the furniture and hardware industry, many furniture hardware manufacturers and the lack of contact between end customers, too much to rely on retailers to obtain customer needs and expectations of information. Professionals believe that furniture hardware manufacturing industry must learn how to approach end customers, how to provide products for them, and to ensure their own profits, which need to have better marketing capabilities, better sales network, lean manufacturing and flexible manufacturing capabilities, Real-time supply chain operations, supply chain management, innovative thinking and leadership, and better education and training for employees.

    In terms of manufacturing, the plant must be as automated as possible to achieve maximum productivity and increase labor productivity.

    Therefore, it is possible to take new technology and "lean production" to reduce costs; at the same time, to increase investment in workers' education and training, new product development and research, so as to cultivate workers with special skills, Create a high-level products, sell a good price. If we continue to produce products of ordinary goods, provide low-level services, then we will continue to lose the market, hand over to the richer and more labor-efficient areas.

    According to Mike Potter in the definition of "competition", "agglomeration is a geographically close, interrelated group of companies that have synergistic institutions in specific areas, through common interests and complementarity," through supply Chain development strategy partners, the entire supply chain in all aspects of collaborative work, making the resources to be the most effective integration of use.

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