Furniture Hardware Industry Gradually Seek Cooperation With The Common Development, Mutually Beneficial Form Of The Pattern.

- Jul 26, 2017-

Furniture hardware foundry in the industry is not a fresh topic, but with the industry brand competition intensified, foundry furniture hardware business is no longer suitable for the development of the industry.

Foundry furniture hardware enterprises need to strengthen the spirit of innovation

Since the end of December 2016, a domestic three major furniture brand for the first time publicly signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement. The main content of the tripartite strategy agreement is that the three parties will use mutual trust as the basis of cooperation to improve efficiency and common development as the fundamental goal and interests, give full play to the advantages of the three parties, through the integration of resources and complement each other to improve competitiveness and common market development. This is a brand of mutual business between the business model, mainly between the advantages of brand products complement and integration.

This integration has played a brand factory between the technical and production advantages, channels or in the brand's own control, the equivalent of three brands to sell the same product, cooperation is still relatively rough. This innovation is encouraging, but the latter part of the development and maintenance is also very important, especially in the construction of a unified market to work hard.

In this business model, the furniture hardware industry concentration will be further enhanced, the capital strength of the furniture hardware business in the future may be through mergers and acquisitions to achieve cooperation.

Relief tide hit furniture hardware companies need to break through the brand

The future trend is strong combination, do not rule out the possibility of a greater merger and acquisition action appears. From the current situation analysis, this share of the first wave of annexation may be from three types of furniture hardware enterprises: the first category is the urgent need to expand production capacity of furniture hardware business. The second category is a single category of furniture hardware business. The third category is the furniture hardware companies want to enter a new field of subdivision.

According to nine is building materials network to understand, in the furniture hardware industry to shake the tide of the promotion, the future of these three types of furniture hardware enterprises must first set off a wave of annexation, the home market in a variety of agitation and contradictions will also be in this swallow Interpretation of a different "spray", may be rough, it may be beautiful ripples.

Furniture hardware industry in the process of shuffling transformation, the modern furniture hardware business management in the frequent merger and reorganization of the business model will be introduced into the home industry, resource integration has become a major furniture, hardware and other household enterprises to break through the bottleneck of the primary task of the industry.

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