Furniture Industry Comprehensive Oil To Water Environmental Tide Struck

- Jul 22, 2017-

 With the country to promote green industry upgrades, the paint industry ushered in the trend of oil to water. September 1, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei first unified environmental standards will be enforced, 3,000 enterprises with environmental problems, facing the survival test. Construction, furniture and other related industries to actively focus on "oil to water" action, hoping to use water paint business transformation and transformation of enterprises, but faced with many confusion.

Since the coatings industry by the State Council issued the "Air Pollution Control Action Plan" included in the field of key remediation, VOCs (volatile organic matter) emission reduction has become a top priority. Following the environmental protection law, consumption tax, the Ministry of Environmental Protection special introduction "" thirteen "VOCs comprehensive emission reduction program", the formation of hot pursuit of VOCs potential.

All over the deepening of air pollution control, have the sword of VOCs emissions "big" paint, control range from the paint to the downstream industry expansion. Construction, furniture, home and other coatings use of key industries to increase the pressure on environmental protection, "oil to water" imminent.

To the furniture industry, for example, around the specific policies have been introduced. For example, Beijing's "wood furniture manufacturing industry air pollutant discharge standards" on the provisions of the furniture production chain in the coating properties, production processes and equipment and other production processes. In addition, China's first children's paint GB "children's room decorated with water-based wood paint" on July 1 implementation of the children's room for the use of wood furniture made a higher demand.

Reporters interviewed, some furniture practitioners reflect the cost of technical reform, so many people have been daring to take the "oil to water" the first step. On the one hand, they worry that the price of paint is higher than the paint, will increase the cost of production; the other hand, due to lack of authority industry data reference, replacement equipment, adjust the process, training labor costs, but also to some small business " Water "discouraged.

In this regard, the professionals pointed out that the price of water paint is higher than the water paint, but the paint in the security, curing agent consumption, consumption tax and other additional costs to be greater than the paint, paint integrated costs higher than the water paint.

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