Furniture Industry New Opportunity Environmental Protection Coating Proportion Reaches 75%

- Oct 09, 2017-

The furniture enterprises of the era of big shuffle are facing the restriction of the new consumption upgrade wave, the environmental protection policies of the country and the environment, and now the furniture industry is already full of smoke.

In the August 2017 by the Chinese furniture enterprise coating application status survey, the data showed that 63% of furniture enterprises think fierce market competition is one of the biggest business is facing difficulties, and in order to cater to consumers' intention to buy, nearly two-thirds of large and medium-sized furniture enterprises have more than 50% of the production business to high-end furniture market.

To upgrade in the high-end furniture market, means furniture enterprises to upgrade to the original design in the design, material selection to rare high-end wood on the upgrade, to higher performance, high environmental protection coating on a two-component water-borne coating of transformation.

New business opportunities in the furniture industry

As the vice President of the China furniture industry association puts it: "when the double pressure of consumer upgrading and environmental protection policies comes, the transformation of Chinese furniture enterprises is a very important part of the process. But it's just that the transfer of production line can't solve the problem of enterprise development.

According to the current survey on the application of coatings in China's furniture industry, two-thirds of the large and medium-sized furniture enterprises have shifted their focus to the medium and high-end market to gain more market space.

In the fierce market competition, mid-range furniture market share is shrinking, furniture enterprise inevitably need to high-end market transition, this is a system engineering, including management, product image, such as environmental standards than low-end market rise a class.

This also brings new business opportunities for furniture enterprises, some of the leading furniture enterprises, have already switched to environmental protection materials, to build a high-quality brand image, quickly preempt the market.

According to the survey, more than 80 percent of the furniture manufacturers surveyed have started to use more environmentally friendly high quality raw materials.

New environmental regulations for corporate consumption

In the upgrading of environmental materials, due to the particularity of the appearance and structure of solid wood furniture, the requirements for coating process are higher, so a new environmental coating with high performance quality is required. At present, 95 percent of the companies surveyed have used environmentally friendly coatings, with more than 75 percent of them using environmentally-friendly coatings.

Among them, the two-component water-based paint, which combines environmental protection and performance, has been widely used by a number of leading domestic furniture companies and consumers. In the environmental protection coatings used by furniture companies, the dual-component water-based paint is the highest proportion, and 42 percent of the enterprises have the double component water-based paint as the first choice for the high-end solid wood furniture environmental coating technology.

Low odour, high hardness, scratch-resistant, yellowing, stain resistance and high fullness are the main reasons why furniture enterprises choose double - component water-based paint. Especially the solid wood furniture, because of its appearance design and the particularity of material selection, the requirement of coating technology is also higher, especially need double component water - water paint this kind of high performance new environmental protection coating. In actual sales, the consumers are willing to pay for with better appearance and properties of the product, furniture enterprises tend to popularize high performance and environmentally friendly coatings to consumers on the quality, performance and appearance of advantage.

In addition, the survey also showed that expected in the next few years, the use of environmentally friendly coating ratio will further heighten, nearly three-quarters of respondents made it clear that will further enhance the use of environmentally friendly coating ratio, which, they tend to choose a two-component water-borne paint.

Domestic waterborne furniture paint market still accounts for less than 10%

At present, the application of waterborne paint in developed markets such as Europe and America has been relatively mature. And domestic overall furniture industry water - based furniture lacquer market still accounts for less than 10%.

In an interview, industry insiders say again: "through the joint efforts of the whole industry chain, some of the leading domestic furniture enterprises has positive transformation, by upgrading using high performance two-component water-borne coating, adjust the proportion of high-end products, to promote the competitiveness of the brand products in the market."

He added that water based furniture coatings are expected to grow by more than 20 per cent in the Chinese market between 2015 and 2020.

Children's furniture with high performance environmental protection water based coating

It is worth noting that in the process of furniture enterprises pushing high-performance environmental water-based coating, the quality of children's furniture is particularly obvious.

With the overall release of the two-child policy, the domestic youth and children's furniture market is experiencing a new round of vigorous development. In the choice of children furniture, more and more parents realize that the coating has greatly affected the environmental protection and safety of children's furniture. To market sensitive children furniture enterprises, has been the first high proportion to use waterborne coatings to build a healthy, safe brand image.

This is the worst of times and the best of times. There are no bad industries, only bad ones.

When the industry develops to the historical inflection point of transformation and upgrading, it is the biggest breakthrough for furniture enterprises to comply with the demand of consumer market and the implementation of national environmental protection policies.

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