Furniture Retail Channels, Those New Major Changes Are Taking Place

- Jun 17, 2019-

1. Whole house

Whole house refers to the tendency of furniture consumers to purchase furniture in one stop, so there is a tendency for full house customization or whole house purchase.

The tendency of full house has put forward extremely high requirements on the sales side. Firstly, the sales side needs to be equipped with designers, so that consumers can see their future furniture placement effects and even soft installation effects.

2. Online and offline integration

Many home furnishing companies combine the online sales and offline store business models to compete in the fierce market competition.

3. Flat production and sales

The traditional furniture production and sales chain is designed to produce products and then produced according to the drawings. The products are sold to consumers through self-operated stores or authorized stores. At present, the most advanced production and sales model is that the designer produces a rendering on the computer, allowing the consumer to select the furniture style, and the consumer can determine the real-time transmission to the production end. This flat production and sales saves a lot of intermediate links, which greatly improves production efficiency and management efficiency.

4. Individualization of independent and strong brands

The brand itself generates charm, generates fans, and generates purchasing power, which is the magic of modern marketing.

In the Chinese furniture industry, not all companies are following suit, and mavericks are also considered a large category. The author calls it the personalization of a strong brand.

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