Furniture Store: The Dealer Faces A Dilemma, How To Face The Future

- Jul 03, 2017-

 First, build a win-win relationship. The first step is to determine the principle of "focus on the customer," which is the basis and premise for the long-term development of bilateral relations. Without the growth of customer value, there is no realization of its own interests. But now why some market integrity management of the important reasons for the poor, is established on the basis of "self-interest", in order to pursue their goals, instead of creating value for partners. The starting point of selfish goal can only be short-sighted and expedient. 

Second, to achieve win-win bilateral relations. New bilateral partnerships and new business models must be established to build on the basis of improving customer service and performance. As a store, property leasing wants to charge higher rent, try to reduce the service cost, and the multi-column project dark charge. As merchants expect better marketing performance, more passenger traffic. Therefore, only the two goals can go further. So, the new shopping mall property leasing fees mode, it is necessary to transformation and upgrading, call for a new charging mode and marketing performance model, only provide safety management as well as rental charge mode will become the past tense, who create value for customers, who will be able to take more initiative in future market competition. 

Third, independent individual management, transforming the platform to operate the thinking, reduce the risk of operation. The development trend of future building materials furniture industry can be seen that the performance of transboundary operation is remarkable. So, as stores property management unit, more to create the new terminal customer value chain, from design, decoration and building materials supply, furniture and win-win, soft adornment and follow-up service for one-stop service mode. From the post marketing mode to the front marketing, from the waiting customer to the front door, to become active and active, to take the influence of the property brand, to expand the market upstream market, to take the important step. Establish the front market development mode with real estate cooperation, continuously build up the cooperative partner energy, enhance the added value of the service, constantly establish new service image. 

Fourth, to establish new cooperative relations. Clear contract spirit, no rules no fangyuan, completes the rules of the game, as the stores property must be clear, as the main body, which should provide basic services, which are worth to improve performance of the merchant service, which provides value-added services, rather than those with self as the core of pretexts charge more, push to the growth of the customer value results positive phase relations with their own interests. 

Fifth, establish a new interest binding relationship. The product portfolio positioning should be accurate, not to ignore the end user value, establish the cooperative relationship in the spirit of contract, follow the customer purchase mode and the market demand level. For example, the level of market demand, the accurate positioning of the consumer group, the positioning of each alliance activity theme, determine the outcome of the bilateral cooperative relationship. However, in terms of recent activities held to sell places, theme is not clear, consumers can't see clearly, don't understand, cause consumers want to buy for their own products, and to participate in the dealer feedback products sold out, this also is precisely marketing dislocation is the root of these activities is not successful. Therefore, to achieve fame and fortune, clear market and product positioning, featured products and services are the key to success. 

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