Furniture Structure Design

- Dec 11, 2018-

In addition to the safety of structural design, it is mainly to study the load of furniture, that is, the parts of furniture, and how much material should be used for safe use.

Structural design must know how a piece of furniture will be used, and must know how it will be used "unreasonably."

For example, a sofa, we must know the force people take when sitting down and leaning back. They must also know the force generated when moving the sofa, carrying and transporting, even pushing and lifting on the floor...etc. Damage.

The structural design of the furniture, like the design of other long-established structures (such as houses and bridges), has evolved through continuous trials, from which experience and lessons have been learned (such as the collapse of the house and the collapse of the bridge). But the problem is that other structural sciences other than furniture, the analytical procedures have been quite perfect, we can safely live in the house and pass the bridge with confidence, but the scientific furniture structure has failed to attract attention, not even knowing that there is such a It’s going on.

This is related to the size of each part of the chair, how to calculate, of course, in addition to coping with the load, must also consider the cost, to achieve a balance between the two.

The structural design of course also contains a sly design, there are many articles in this area, I will not say more here.

When designing the structure, you must also take into account the functional and aesthetic appearance, and you must not go it alone.

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