Fusion Of The Colosseum Arches And Furniture Design

- Sep 23, 2019-


Arch shape design


  Russian furniture designer and interior designer Tasha Terenina was deeply shocked by the arches of the Colosseum while traveling to Rome. Later, she not only set up a studio marked by the arch, but also designed a series of furniture called Archico.

  The design cleverly uses the shape of the arch to apply to the shape of the furniture, blending the modern minimalist style with the arch elements, making the furniture more in line with modern classical aesthetics.

Morphological extraction

Arch form application

  Today I want to share A projects that use arched elements.

  As the most classic form, arched elements are being used more and more in the design, especially in the shape design of doors and windows. Therefore, today's three projects focus on the arch shape on the doors and windows.

The arch has a sense of harmony and solemnity, and the coordination of its arcs often brings a unique and eternal beauty.

The tallest building in Manhattan, New York

  130 William is the famous British designer David Adjaye's first high-rise building in Manhattan, New York, a 66-storey apartment building.

David Adjaye

  The biggest feature of this apartment is the arched window, which occupies almost every floor of the building, and a large amount of concrete material on the outer wall makes the apartment building have a sense of grandeur.

Arched building

Arched building

  The lobby of the apartment building is centered on the arch and is designed with high-quality materials such as marble and brass, allowing people to enter the lobby to be attracted by its refined style.

Apartment lobby

  The part of the apartment is filled with arched windows and doors, and the interior is filled with a sense of harmony. Coupled with a comfortable soft display, exquisite and special furniture, people feel full of comfort.

Apartment arching


  The high-altitude space has a large number of arched windows, which not only makes the indoor space transparent and layered, but also further enhances the lighting ability.

The high-altitude space

  The public facilities in the apartment have a children's playroom, court, spa pool center, gym, club and even a private cinema. In the case of powerful functions, the aesthetics of the design can also be guaranteed.


public facilities

children's playroom


  The apartment building is still under construction and is expected to have one to five bedroom apartments and two-storey penthouses.


Swimming pool

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