Guangdong Guangzhou Quality Supervision Bureau To Find A Path To Help The Waterproof Coating Transformation And Upgrading

- Oct 19, 2017-

 In recent years, guangdong guangzhou city pledges inspect bureau combining the reality of the southern humid and rainy weather, selected polymer cement waterproof coating products the relationship between the people's livelihood, implementation quality comparison research project, the effect is obvious.

For standard differences and the crux, successively five organization enterprise business backbone, standardized industry experts, technical experts, more than 70 person-times study comparing polymer cement waterproof coating differences in quality standards and advanced foreign standards, carry out the standard key technical indexes and test methods at home and abroad than validation, formulated the group is higher than the national and industrial standard T/GDWA 3-2017 "type elastomer toughening polymer cement waterproof coating, high evaluation and recognition by the industry, with high standards promote the healthy sustainable development of industry.

For quality research thinking and method, establish effective quality improvement measures to promote 40 waterproof coating enterprises to adopt advanced quality management mode, the six enterprises adopt ISO quality management system certification enterprises, 2 companies implement metering guarantee system, promote the overall industry quality, make the unqualified products found rate fell 12.3% year on year, this year is waterproof coating product quality supervision and the percent of pass is up to 96.78%.

Find the patterns and mechanism of quality than development, from the aspects of standards, metrology and quality assurance system, a comprehensive ShiCe help quality with higher levels of enterprise creating famous brand products, 1 companies waterproof coating products won the title of famous brand product of guangdong province. Promote district to develop high quality product quality than the ascension work plan, a total investment of nearly 3 million yuan of funds, strive to enhance the level of quality, cultivate well-known brands, to realize transformation and upgrading, and strengthen the competitive power of the international and domestic market success.

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