Guangdong Wooden Furniture Exports And The Amount Of The Decrease

- Jul 14, 2017-

 In recent years, due to the downturn in the global trade continued international furniture market shrinking, with the euro and the depreciating currency in many countries, especially the furniture of some southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam with a low cost advantage to seize market, the influence of such factors as the serious influence to the quality of furniture export in guangdong. 

Guangdong exports of wooden furniture, furniture in the world furniture market shrinking and Vietnam impact export downturn environment, through to one thousand ways to find the market is still a relatively good performance, make the first five months of this year, wooden furniture exports to complete 24.0128 million pieces of year-on-year decline in 1.19; Woodiness furniture export total amount is $2.517055 billion, a fall of 4.95% from a year earlier, among them, the office furniture of $34489.7, a fall of 12.9% from a year earlier, the kitchen furniture is $12011.6, a fall of 18.7% from a year earlier, the bedroom furniture is $101030.7, 1.53% higher than a year ago, other furniture is $114173.5, a fall of 6.73% from a year earlier. 

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