Guangzhou Design Week 2019

- Dec 04, 2019-

2019 Guangzhou design week, on December 5-8 extension extended to four days, a guangzhou + nan fung international exhibition for asiaworld-expo poly world trade center exhibition hall, exhibition area expanded to 120000 ㎡, with 12 exhibition, exhibition direction to focus on the "private + select material with the design of the new commercial forms", have a good life design, intelligent lighting, fashion household soft outfit, international high quality furniture, whole house ready, building decoration materials six galleries,From China, the United States, Britain, Canada, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Austria, the Czech republic, Israel, Australia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, India, Turkey, Iran and so on more than 20 countries nearly 1000 brands and agencies, released new products, high-quality goods, orphan works...

When it comes to household to design, you have to mind indoor all sorts of adornment material or furniture, outdoor design but also is an important part of home design, among them, including outdoor facilities, its basic content is generally refers to the part the rest facilities in urban landscape facilities, such as applied to outdoor or an outdoor space of sofa, rattan leisure chairs, outdoor garden floor, swimming pool, intelligent ecological tent, etc., are widely used in the home stay facility, amusement park, commercial plaza, etc.To create a casual and interesting space, let's focus on outdoor space design to see what brand of outdoor facilities are available in guangzhou design week 2019!

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