Haier Cross-border Furniture Into The Whole Family To Create Custom Division

- Feb 28, 2018-

 Domestic furniture market is still a look good feng shui treasure. In 2017, many of the capitalists have been trying to cross-sell furniture, which seems to give furniture people a glimmer of hope. But obviously, the spoiler of capital will only speed up the market reshuffle. Under the Matthew effect, the polarization of the business has become more and more serious.

  Has been famous for the old brand of home appliances Haier now boarded the furniture custom this ship. December 2017, Haier Kitchen officially announced the acquisition of Li live Haier, and the formation of the whole house custom division, launched a new brand Haierhome, plans to open in the country in 2018 400 new stores, get online and offline. Its ambitious, staggering.

Giant take turns, small furniture company living space left in the future geometry?

Smart + custom, the current two big vents gathered

  To seize the smart home market share, but also to seize the custom outlet, Haier attack the whole house custom market is almost never thought of. In the early years, home appliances as its main sales direction of Haier, although in recent years aiming at this piece of blue ocean home life, can be exposed in the public before the most is the field of kitchen appliances and smart home achievements.

  At the recent "Global Top Brand Awards" hosted by International Data Group (IDG), Haier was the only Chinese company to win the TOP10 Global Leader in Smart Home Appliance of the Year. At the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, USA, in January, Haier displayed its smart home products and solutions in a large display area of 720 square meters. At present, Haier U + intelligent living platform online users have exceeded 50 million.

  Kitchen appliances, Haier is wind and water, the simultaneous expansion of domestic and foreign markets. The acquisition of Haier Kitchen Li live Haier, but also to speed up the "big kitchen" strategic layout. From kitchen appliances, the whole kitchen, to the whole family's custom, Haier can be described as at every step.

Haier: come prepared

  Customized throughout the room showing explosive growth in recent years, many large enterprises across the board from the big brands. Data show that compared to foreign 60% to 70% of the custom furniture penetration, custom home market in China there is still much room for development. More and more whole-house custom business, but also to prove that the domestic whole-house custom market or a blue ocean can be developed.

  Well, Haier into the whole house custom market, whether it started this late belated shot? Some professionals believe that many custom-made businesses from the whole wardrobe are custom-made products such as cabinets, cabinets and other products from the development. In 2015, avandeo, a furniture brand owned by Haier, also reached a cooperation with Youjiaju Home Network, and entered into an excellent home-style custom home purchase system. So it seems, Haier hair all-house custom, it seems that it is the only way to go.

However, although Haier listed companies for the old, cross-border and custom start-ups such as Sofia, European camps and other competition, but also need to spend more. However, with the same predicament, Haier has its own brands, technologies and capital advantages that are hard to copy by established businesses. At the moment, Haier is not going to fight unprepared battle. Haier from the introduction of the whole kitchen in 2003, and now has 14 years. Its factory to introduce the Italian SCM, Germany HOMAG production line, can be said to be the closest from the industrial 4.0 domestic production plant. In addition, Haier's R & D team has always occupied a leading position in the country. Compared to the vertical furniture brand, Haier can more easily build its ecological chain, and ultimately "smart home."

  In addition, Haier in recent years has always been using the Internet to go "pro-people" line, with a new media matrix effectively link businesses and users. Such as microblogging can be seen everywhere, "grab hot" "write Duanzi", not only enhance the degree of concern, but also enhance the user's adhesive, paving the way for the future development of enterprises.

Whole-house custom market intense competition

  Observed the trend of major brands are basically accelerating the integration of home design process, improve the "one-stop" service. Can in the process as early as possible occupation of market share, apparently the core of brand survival. Haier can achieve the ambitions of its 400 stores? It is foreseeable that there will be a group of small and medium enterprises in this strong duel exit.

Giant fate what kind of vibration will be induced?

One obvious fact is that more resources and markets will be sucked up.

Finished furniture diversion development

  Small and medium-sized finished furniture business restructuring, the question is: how to change the thinking of finished products, so flexible production, truly personalized custom? And take the product development path, the problem is: how to change the customer For the ironcore fans? How to deal with the ever-increasing design, manufacturing costs? Admittedly, the future of finished furniture business will be more difficult.

Whole house custom market will enhance product standards

At present, our custom-made whole-house market is still immature. Large enterprises are stationed in the market, resulting in fiercer competition and thus forcing the market to a new height. This is also the inevitable development of the market.

More capital cross-border come

Cross-border success, will attract more capital from across the border. The established large-scale custom business established the market fundamentals, big brands "cheating" type across the border, the whole custom market is also able to accommodate small and medium enterprises to join? Have to talk about the furniture industry in recent years is not easy, presumably furniture people have long been numbness. Only once again lamented the furniture market will be more and more unfriendly to small and medium enterprises.

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