Hardware Furniture Transformation Is In Pursuit Individuation Integral Whole

- Jun 14, 2017-

The home hardware of the past is more to emphasize its mechanical properties, rust, moistureproof, and the fatigue performance of the activity. 


In the home outfit increasingly demand individuation and integral whole day, household hardware besides function, also need to have the adornment sex that brings a person before the eye and the whole sex. Take shake handshandle, color pattern is protean, except stainless steel hand salad on the market at present, there are black, tan, light chrome, pearl nickel plus transparent lacquer, on modelling, with European style, Chinese style, regular, abnormity and so on, can fully meet the needs of consumers diversify. 


Now the electronic intelligence that is rolled out in the high-end ambry of foreign country, the concise design that realizes ambry "do not hold a hand", "a touch is ready". The use of the new type of resistance slide, which makes the cabinet drawer load strong, no rebound, no leakage, and prolong the service life of the slippery track. Home hardware intelligence is now is a big development trend, household life is more and more important to individual, the comfort level of the home is more and more high. Now people want a lazy lifestyle, and they are asking for more and more humanization and intelligence. The ambry industry that USES 35 per cent of hardware is manifested more clearly. In one bath, in the design of water temperature automatic adjustment sanitary ware accessories, card lock, automatic door, such as induction switch also began to enter into life, each of us to intelligent direction for traditional household provides the necessary conditions. 

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