HONLY Recommedation:Alum –sling Rope Round Sunbed

- May 21, 2020-

Today, I'm gonna introduce you guys our design product: Alum sling rope round sunbed.

Oviously, the petal shape is the symbol of HONLY. It was inspired from the flower blomming on the morning. Fresh、pure and natural.

Alum sling rope round sunbed

Even though it looks simple, we make it more comfortable more than a bed. There are 4 detail I wanna introduce you all:

1. The backrest to this sunbed has always been in use of our exclusive petals shape, the design inspiration from the early morning petals bloom. Making fresh style and unique design~

      2. The seat plate is made of teslin mesh , which combines with our unique structure patent, making the seating extra comfortable and stable even without cushion.

     3. A small teak tray, made of teak wood, is also put on one side of the round bed for leisure drinking.

    4. In addition, in order to make the product close to nature, the whole Aluminum frame is use powder coating  & brushing oil surface treatment, no matter the texture or color is extremely with the natural environment.

    So, If you are interested in this design or want more info, pls contact me.
    Looking forward to your inquiry.

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