How Can Be Called Solid Wood Furniture, How Should Distinguish?

- Jan 22, 2018-

Answer: solid wood furniture can be divided into completely real wood furniture, solid wood furniture and solid wood veneered furniture three kinds: refers to all wooden parts are completely real wood furniture made of solid wood lumber or real wood plank furniture. Solid wood furniture refers to the base material is made of solid wood or solid wood, and has no surface treatment. Solid wood veneer furniture refers to the base material is made of solid wood or solid wood, and is covered with solid wood veneer or thin wood (wood skin) furniture.

The difference between solid wood furniture and solid wood veneer furniture is "whether the base material is made of veneer", the veneer is to be on the surface of the wood veneer or thin wood (wood). As long as have a use in the base material is man-made board, other all use real wood, also can't called solid wood furniture, that is what we call "plate wood combination furniture" is not "solid wood furniture.

Therefore, if the consumer wants to buy the real wood furniture, must know beforehand some solid wood furniture relevant knowledge, does know in the mind, do not easily be deceived by some undesirable businessman. So, how exactly to identify solid wood furniture? Industry personage points out, consumer can distinguish solid wood furniture from below:

In general, the real wood furniture there are few perfect texture, mostly has natural color, and most of its texture has certain difference, and the "fake" real wood furniture is texture clear, the appearance is "perfect". The consumer can see the appearance of solid wood furniture and the position of the back respectively, if the texture and scar can be very good corresponding to be pure solid wood.

Most of the solid wood with natural aroma of trees, such as no parker, fragrant, pine resin incense, camphorwood will have obvious camphor flavor, and some of the man-made plank will have a strong excitant odour, such as formaldehyde. In particular, some closed lockers, such as drawers or closets, smell very easy to distinguish.

When the choose and buy, consumer can also through the sounds they produced by hand knock wood surface to identify, in general, solid wood furniture sends out a crisp sound, and the noise of the man-made plank products is relatively low.

Consumers feel is to identify, also can be done on the weight, solid wood furniture a little lighter than particle board, medium density fiberboard (MDF) furniture, and wood furniture surface feels more texture, usually man-made plank furniture handle is relatively dry.

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