How Design Changes The Future

- Apr 17, 2018-

To transform China and achieve industrial upgrading, we must make breakthroughs in industrial design and step out of our own road of innovation. “Design is not superficial imitation, and design depends on innovation”. “The biggest feature of industrial design is that the production relationship has changed. The chain has changed, the division of labor cooperation mechanism has changed, and the design does not understand this and will always climb behind, and many people do not understand it now."


Liu Guanzhong pointed out that "fashion is a short-lived ghost", reminding Chinese designers and enterprises not to be quick-money and quick, and to sink into the heart to think about what humanity needs in the end, and to shape the brand.


He stressed that solving China's problems can neither follow the old path of the West nor innovate on the basis of tradition. On the question of how to use traditional issues, he stressed that he must learn the spirit of the tradition, and can not simply pile up clouds and brackets on the surface. Traditional symbol.


“To solve the practical problems in China, this is the core of the science, studying external factors, and then choosing internal causes of the organization, and even giving problems to internal causes.”


He specifically proposed that design is the third kind of human wisdom besides science and art. "Designing for China will enable China's future not to be destroyed."

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