How Much Do You Know About Sofas

- Jan 09, 2017-

Sofa is a major furniture purchase family, is also a top priority in the living room, so choose the sofa is critical, but how much do you know about sofa? Wan ji now will help you dissect the sofa

Sofa is divided into three parts: frame, sponge, sofa sets

Let us talk about the framework:

1, is mainly dominated by wood, and metal (stainless steel, steel, or a combination), plywood (plywood, MDF, Particleboard)

2 high elastic sponge, sponge, plain sponge (with added Snake Spring)

3, coat into leather, imitation leather, cloth (leather, leather is dead, now do most of the cloth is washable. )

First gear internal structure can be opened from the sofa the sofa to watch, with no scarring the wood and planed closed paint and corrosion, moth.

Second gear is solid wood, but not processed (veneer, scarring is possible)

Third gear is a Panel

IV document is thrown away with the construction site template (which will cement)

Said said of sponge, sponge is mainly to defend the entire block once, and several layers of splicing, the worst is broken sponge rubber press, once the glue is the collapse of aging.

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