How To Discern Inferior Furniture

- Jan 08, 2018-

Decoration has been rapid development, while at the same time decorate good and evil people mixed up market, inferior quality, poorly made, has the serious defect of inferior furniture in the market, often make consumers apart and inferior, in terms of interests are affected. Many of the inferior furniture have serious defects, which tell consumers:

When buying furniture, consumers will be confused about the look and feel of the furniture, but the prices are far apart. In fact, there is a big difference in the furniture production materials, some manufacturers in the furniture production link there are a lot of cutting corners, the trap of the transfer column, needs to be carefully resolved to see through. So be sure to make sure that you are discerning when you buy.

Use inferior base material

Use the base material that does not get dry and worm-eaten, such furniture moisture content is high, easy to cause furniture finished product to appear deformation or craze. And furniture made of rotten or moth-eaten wood, which would collapse in a serious way.

Base material mixed assembly

Due to man-made board furniture is much used in base material of veneers adornment method, so while in all parts of furniture, cabinet put oneself in another's position appearance consistent, but the furniture part of the base material is to be touched, hands and feet. If some furniture cabinet and cabinet door USES the melamine board that accords with environmental protection and quality requirement, and the big core board that USES formaldehyde to release more is used in cabinet back board. When buying, must inspect whole furniture by oneself, can not only look at appearance.

Internal production of cutting corners

Because the artificial board that board type furniture USES is to use glue adhesive system

The water is very sensitive to water, so its waterproof performance must be protected by the veneer and sealing side of the plate. And some manufacturers in order to save costs, internal board furniture is made as to the junction with the plate edge processing, fracture under the influence of water on the one hand, the furniture, the formaldehyde also cannot be fully cut off materials at the same time, and cause heavy furniture formaldehyde taste.

The hardware pieces were replaced

Replace cheap hardware and cut corners in furniture installation. For example, the closet mirror of the large wardrobe has no back plate, no pressure bar, only the nail position. This kind of cut and cut, easy to make the mirror broken.

When buying furniture, should inspect furniture sample carefully, go to professional store to buy brand furniture. When signing furniture purchase contract, ask sales personnel to follow the content of their introduction one by one. When buying, must carefully identify, beware of buy inferior furniture.

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