How To Maintain The Furniture Of The Outdoor Rattan Furniture

- Aug 29, 2017-

The cane makes up furniture in winter for them is an enemy, because home have heating system in winter, if put rattan furniture is close to the heat, rattan furniture easily brittle, ductile, near a heater is easy to deformation, especially some in some parts of the glue adhesion, near a fire or heating time will be shaky.

The cross section of the cane makes up furniture was full of fine tube above, so the moisture of rattan furniture is very enough, but too much water rattan furniture will become soft, loose structure, sit face will droop, and it is easy to breed mold point in woven mesh.

The advantage of rattan furniture is that if it is deformed, it can be used to fix it to its original shape and it will return to its original shape after being dried in a ventilated place. So, when the rattan furniture is sagging, can be able to reduce negative, clever and even support it, so that the return to the original appearance is not a problem.

Because the moisture of furniture of cane make up is relatively much, so very easy to get the stranger of insect, so when you find the local of the cane furniture of the home to have the insect moth to do what to do? Peppercorns or peppercorns can be used to kill insects, and they are not much damage to rattan furniture.

Finally give you a little advice, the cane makes up furniture to use after a period of time with weak brine is wiped, already can decontamination and maintain its flexibility, long long, and must be brittle resistance, the role of insect-resistant eat by moth, usually using the environment to keep ventilated dry, wet weather around every half moon light in the sun, is better to cany material surface is dry, notice cannot long time exposure.

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