How To Prevent The Tempered Glass Blew

- Jul 25, 2017-

Toughened glass is a deep-processed glass product that is made of flat glass that is cut, edged, washed, dried and then heated to near glass softening temperatures and is rapidly cooled, Of the glass, but in the summer is easy to blew. The reason is that we often open air conditioning in summer, indoor and outdoor temperature difference is too large, easily lead to tempered glass blew. But in fact hot and cold are only incentives, the root cause or high glass impurities, quality is not up to standard, in addition, decoration construction, improper maintenance and glass blew also has a relationship. It can be seen that the installation and maintenance of tempered glass is extremely important.

To avoid hot and cold uneven

If in extreme cases, at the two ends of a glass were applied to the high temperature and low temperature, then 90% of the glass will blew, for example, lit incandescent pouring cold water, incandescent glass will burst. Although for the tempered glass, this situation will happen very small, but not afraid of ten thousand afraid of.

To avoid the tempered glass for a long time in the pressure state

For the indoor beauty, many families will choose to use tempered glass as a desktop table, coffee table, the general tempered glass to withstand pressure between 70mpa to 100mpa, the pressure by the glass force area is the maximum pressure it can withstand. Converted to the quality of the goods = (pressure * area) / 10, if not necessary, do not want to tempered glass desktop long-term placement of heavy objects, to avoid the pressure value of the critical point leading to tuffed glass broken.

Prohibit the use of sharp, hard objects hit the glass corner

As the stress point of the tempered glass concentrated in the corners, the corner once broken, the tempered glass will increase the probability of rupture, so for the sake of home safety, do not use sharp, hard objects to hit the tempered glass corner.

Keep away from acid and alkali

To avoid the tempered glass exposure to sodium hydroxide (NaOH aerosol) and other alkaline substances and hydrofluoric acid (HF), the glass is essentially silica (SiO2), the above substances will be a chemical reaction.

Tempered glass is superior to ordinary glass, but if used improperly or lack of maintenance, there will be burst, broken the risk, need to buy in the quality of good, in the daily maintenance.

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