IKEA Furniture Is Once Again Recall The Security Risks Exist In Every Corner

- Dec 18, 2017-

Recently, the ikea home again because of "the life of the ark" event is put up in the center of the wave.

"In the United States, a child in California has been killed by a overturned piece of furniture. Ikea is recalling a total of 17.3 million drawers in the United States." When the news came out, many people couldn't sit still. Ikea in addition to want to know whether the home use of drawers can be recalled, mom and dad can not help but worry about more, much more with the large furniture of the drawer in the home, can not see if the child does occasionally climb to play, what can I do to avoid similar risks?

Of course, in addition to the cabinet that might be overturned, the drawer, the unstable bookshelf, the edges of the glass top... In fact, there are questions about the child's safety, not only on a "children room", the adults living space, the party is also a child happy heaven and earth, can also be a hideout of some safe hidden trouble. In this regard, "the age of guangsha" knows about the safety hidden dangers of "children's rooms", and helps the parents to demining.

Children's safety problems can also happen in adults' space

Always thought bought children furniture for children even if sweet, always thought baby children room is decorated beautifully and you play enough, always thought did fillet processing cabinet is safe, in fact, when scope limited to the child's life that is defined as "children room space, need parents pay close attention to the safety problems are more and more.

Recently, in response to the case of the dump incident, ikea China issued a new statement on July 12, 2016 to recall the malm drawer. Meanwhile, ikea China also said, "ikea has been equipped with a tight bundle for decades in the drawer cabinet, and the fixing of the upper wall is necessary in the installation instructions." If the product is not fixed on the wall, consumers should choose other storage solutions. Obviously, whether it is children's special furniture, or any of the cabinet in the home, maintaining good stability is the premise of safety.

Touch of seasoning, love love new things, when the children be curious about everything at home is wanton play, so those who hadn't been parents "attention" details, may become a problem of the culprit.

Furniture should be installed with a strong structure

Secure cabinet is required, in ikea the wall anchor firmly fixed! Use guide can be found in the, in the drywall or plaster wall with the wooden pillar, no wood stud dry wall, brick wall, cabinet put oneself in another's position with different fixtures. Ikea says it is up to which hardware to make sure the furniture is firmly attached to the wall, depending on the wall material. In fact, it's not just for kids, but if some of the cabinets aren't reliable enough, adults are likely to have accidents.

On the other hand, the stability of the furniture structure directly affects the safety of the home. The bookshelf that structure is too loose, put on the shelf to avoid letting the child to get in touch, sometimes, "push-down" lightsome temperament, to the child may not be what advantage.

In addition to this, the personage inside course of study suggests that if there is a 1-4 years old baby home, the door of the cabinet drawer and try not to get too low, once the children open, fingers caught is likely to happen. Don't think that adults are easy to act for their children, and every time they open, close, put, or take, they can bring unexpected harm to them.

Special materials should avoid fragile breakability

A consumer recently told the poor times, home of the friend took the scarf in the eyes and head to play, accidentally bumped into the closet door, the glass broken, fortunately, the child did not too big of injury, also make people terrified.

For some parents, light glass and ceramic material may bring beauty to the home, but in fact, the family glass products harm to the child, not the individual cases. Glass tea table with sharp corners cut the kid's body, learning to walk, baby upset stepped on glass after glass vase fragments hurt skin, including accidentally smashed glass doors and Windows, poor quality when at home of glass, ceramics and other fragile products close to the kid's life, mom and dad have to be careful.

For the baby, the danger often happens in the "curiosity", so will some "fragile fragile" items on the shelf, let the child touch, is a lot of parents choice. Item is important to note that in a high, also should promise not to fall, and in the choice of furniture, should try to avoid glass with horns, and the thickness of the glass co., LTD is very fragile products.

Details should be taken care of

It is the first thing that many parents have to do when they have a baby. Indeed, if you can deal with it in many parts of your home, your child's safety will be guaranteed.

It is also important to note that the baby who likes to run around the house may also need a safety card to prevent it from being broken or locked inside. For children who like to touch holes in holes with their fingers, the safety plug cover is necessary, and the protective cover of the insulating material can prevent the baby from the danger caused by the power supply of the finger. With similar "effect" the kitchen guard can prevent the child from turning the kitchen knob to open the ignition source to avoid accidental occurrence. Children's window safety lock can control the family mobile window to open, prevent the child to open the window too big and accident fall building danger.

In addition to the children "often come often to" living room and bedroom space, the safety of the kitchen and toilet also cannot ignore, prevent fall mat temperature shall be measured, can prevent burns thermometer, all aspects of life, don't forget the safety of the children.


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