Ikea In The Future Is Likely To Launch A Built-in Furniture Products Of Artificial Intelligent Technology

- May 10, 2017-

Furniture retailer ikea could launch built-in artificial intelligence technology in the future of furniture products.

The Danish innovation laboratory Space10 are now investigating people want to see in the virtual assistant, this means that the Swedish automaker might consider embedding AI technology of furniture in the future.

Space 10 on the survey to determine customers want to get what information in intelligent furniture virtual assistant.

In most cases, these problems around you to assistant gender preference (male, female and neutral) and whether the user wants to AI assistant more human or machine humanizing.

Investigate further asked whether the user the virtual assistant to reflect the user's values and world view, whether you want to virtual assistant detecting user emotions and react to emotions, and even follow the same religion with the user.

It also involves issues such as privacy, require the user to point out that whether can collect user data, and under what circumstances the AI can collect user data, to improve the overall interactive experience.

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