Implement Standardization, Promote Furniture Quality Upgrade

- Nov 14, 2017-

On November 1, 2017 annual "national furniture furniture industry standardization work and national standardization technical committee of the second" four times the whole committee meeting in chongqing held smoothly, with shenzhen furniture trade association in China furniture standardization work outstanding contribution, officially upgraded by "observer" furniture for the national standardization technical committee "member". At the same time, shenzhen furniture industry association as the new national standards drafting unit of green furniture product evaluation, comprehensive input in the study of the national standard, the approved by experts.


 The national furniture standardization technical committee has been the national standard-setters, organizers, leaders and managers, and has been responsible for the construction and development of standardization in all walks of life. In recent years, with economic development, the upgrading of consumption lead to national standards lag problem is particularly prominent, makes promoting national standard upgrade China furniture standardization technology committee and the national standardization related institutions focus.

 As the first industry association of China industry, shenzhen furniture industry association is also the core organization of China's furniture industry, and always has the mission and responsibility to promote industrial progress. In recent years, with the aid of testing center of shenzhen furniture industry association (riverside) professional level, the association actively promote standardization upgraded to upgrade the quality of the core, to upgrade the furniture industry standard has made a positive contribution.

 Started in 2013, shenzhen furniture trade association "shenzhen furniture" brand identity work, require member enterprise must be regularly tested for the quality of the shenzhen furniture industry association, the technology limited requirement of national standard on the basis of increased to the key raw material checking, will send the "instead of" sampling ", and additional testing number. Nowadays, not only the product quality of member enterprises has been improved, but the "shenzhen furniture" brand has also become a unique advanced force in the country.

 In 2014, under the strong support of the municipal government of shenzhen municipal party committee, the evaluation of green furniture in China was officially launched. As a recommended standard, China's green furniture products are "superior to national standards and international standards". Despite China's green furniture is superior standard is very strict, but so far there has been a dozen enterprise qualification certificate or access, including the first certification enterprises: about furniture, mattresses, colorful life, fort kingdom, the second batch of certification, enterprises: RenHao product, round square garden furniture, style, road in the bedding, and three batches of entry qualifications: day cheng furniture (red apple), the advantages of furniture, the huayi space, furniture's website, the pioneer enterprises become the quality standard of China's furniture industry.

 In 2015, under the auspices of shenzhen furniture trade association, "shenzhen standard" (furniture) drafting official start, the shenzhen special economic zone technical specifications "the furniture in the finished products and raw and auxiliary materials harmful material set limit to", the raw material to finished product furniture and furniture technology limited requirements that integrated monitoring, from the aspects of industry chain management, improving the quality of furniture manufacturing, the standard has been officially released on October 10, 2016. Standard drafted and issued, furniture not only filled in the current national standard on some key projects are blank or limitations, also become the fresh power to promote the industry "oil change water" signature file and events.

 In 2016, the household with dark buffer type hinge, household type with buffer drawer slideway, household hardware door pulley system etc to many countries in the hardware group standards issued, as one of the drafting unit, shenzhen furniture trade association for hardware related standards and perfect made a positive contribution.

 This year, shenzhen furniture industry association decided to begin from shenzhen international furniture fair 2018, fully implementing the exhibitors "star rating" quality work, and by the riverside, inspection and qualified third party testing institutions for all exhibitors to apply for checking and factory to evaluate the quality of star, listed on the show to the public and in the end, which depends on the quality of the shenzhen exhibition building a solid wall, encourage exhibitors with quality consciousness continuously improve quality, put an end to shoddy products and enterprises to enter the market, to create a secure buyers and consumers high quality industrial environment, eventually to promote the quality of Chinese furniture market reversed transmission way comprehensive upgrade.

 It is understood that in 2016, shenzhen furniture trade association as the national standardization technical committee "observer" furniture, in just a year officially upgraded to the national standardization technical committee "member" furniture, it serves to show the national standardization technical committee of shenzhen furniture industry association furniture in the furniture standardization work on recognition and attention, also reflects the shenzhen furniture industry association made outstanding contributions.

 In the future, relying on the international furniture fair in shenzhen, shenzhen furniture trade association's testing platform and institutions, such as will continue to advance the quality of China's furniture industry to upgrade, eagerly anticipates the made in China on the international, towards the world.

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