Honly furniture will implement the 6s management model in the second half of 2017

- Nov 14, 2017-

The implementation of 6S management mode is the inevitable development of enterprise culture, which is the inevitable result of the in-depth advancement of the scientific development concept and the necessity of implementing strategic management and brand building. The implementation of 6S management is conducive to the establishment of the unified standard of internal management of enterprises, greatly improving the work efficiency and casting the characteristics and brand of enterprise management. It is beneficial to the comprehensive integration of education and production practice, so as to improve the work quality comprehensively. Is helpful to strengthen the enterprise management foundation, strengthen the work order, standardize the production field, improve enterprise management level, the role of the company's external window, inside and outside the setting up enterprise good image; It is conducive to the overall improvement of the company's leading cadres and the overall professional quality of all employees, and to create a clean, comfortable and safe working environment.

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