Improved Product Development Design

- Jun 02, 2018-

The improved product development and design is based on the overall optimization and partial improvement design based on the existing products, making the products more perfect, more suitable for the needs of people and the market, and the needs of the environment, or more adapted to new manufacturing processes and new material. As the development of society and technological progress are endless, the possibilities for product improvement are unlimited. Especially for the Chinese furniture industry that has just started, improved product development and design is also an important means for drawing lessons from, imitating, absorbing, and digesting the advanced designs of furniture in Europe and America. It is an effective way for Chinese modern furniture to quickly surpass the advanced level of furniture in the world. In this regard, Japan has its successful experience. As we all know, Japan, as a defeated country after the Second World War, is able to rise rapidly in the economy. It is inseparable from the characteristics of the Daiwa people's "imitation of imitating creation and creation." Japan's industrial design is precisely based on the Western modern design. On the development. This is an inevitable process of development for a country with underdeveloped economy and deep traditions. For the Chinese furniture industry, which has been rapidly catching up with the advanced level of world furniture in just 20 years since the 1980s, the development and design of improved furniture products are the successful experience of many Chinese furniture companies from small to large and growing. .

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