In 2017, The Development Trend Of Outdoor Furniture

- Mar 27, 2017-

1, pay more attention to high quality life situation experience

With the coming of the experience economy, outdoor furniture and products fully meet the people of high quality outdoor leisure emotional comfort demand "slow life experience", and

It also has become each big manufacturer common value pursuit.

Comfort, randomness, security, light touch, taste, entertainment become the core of the "slow life experience" design in the product of experience experience convey emotions and situations

Care, make outdoor furniture and produce affinity between users.

2, privacy and open sexual compatibility

In view of the outdoor furniture in relatively open space using this property, in recent years, many manufacturers on how private, open and half has sufficient work on the function of the development

, and through space transformation to meet the user's functional requirements and psychological requirements. The feature of the function will continue in 2016, as manufacturers focus on selling point.

3, pay more attention to functional outdoor furniture

Due to the outdoor life limited by various conditions, easy to receive, easy to fold, modular, lightweight, strong mobility, multi-function, can be combined will be a large outdoor furniture

Selling point, more get the welcome of the market.

4, soft cushion, pillow will become independent elements

As the outdoor furniture is a rich variety of forms, collocation and easy to use one of the important elements, soft cushion, pillow block of use value to be reckoned with. They are both outdoor

An important part of the furniture, also will become a relatively independent system of products throughout the outdoor furniture system, to highlight and optional outdoor lifestyle.

5, product form design looks more natural and concise

Outdoor furniture form still is given priority to with contracted fashion, embodies natural temperament. Product design in living organisms in nature or other natural object form, the color of smoke

As a generalization, In modern people's aesthetic psychology, the use of symbol and metaphor for product form design, to reflect the new time spirit, injected powerful into the product

Vitality. Is given priority to with nature in the biological form, therefore, the product appearance design will be more popular, add life interest for people at the same time, in the intense work, here you are

Bring different enjoying leisure life and experience.

6, multicultural mix element

With the advent of the Internet, fully embodies the diversity of culture in every field of social development, and mutualism. From the amorous feelings of southeast Asia amorous feelings, wild African grassland

To different regional culture are interwoven romantic amorous feelings of the Aegean sea, collision, multicultural elements mix will become new outdoor furniture design ideas and conceptual, thematic elements.

Compatible with cultural fusion, ancient and modern aesthetics, conforms to the people the pursuit of personality today, casual attitude to life, to reflect the internationalization of regional culture characteristics.

7, to diversify the outdoor furniture category combination

The boundary of the outdoor and indoor furniture tends to be fuzzy, outdoor furniture into interior space, has become a way of mixing present in people's life space. Outdoor furniture

Category more rich, more specialized professional division of labor, such as plastic lamps and lanterns, pavilion, sunshade, shower partition, leisure chairs, flower pot, flower and other ancillary furniture is more complete


8, hand-woven gradually transition to a big industrial production mode

Due to the rising cost of artificial, outdoor woven furniture enterprises are seeking to easy to stretch, easy to finalize the design of metal materials for the skeleton, simplify the weaving process of new production technical difficulties

Way, so as to raise the proportion of labor efficiency while reducing artificial, to enhance the core competitiveness of the market.

9, more concerned about the material of durable, resistance to bask in, easy to clean features

Breathe freely, easy to clean with the outdoor furniture is still popular with the market. Outdoor furniture industry is still in plastic, metal, teak, narcissus grass, manager Lin, rattan, iron, plastic in the west

Rattan, stainless steel, aluminum alloy as the main material. It is worth noting that the "ribbon" has become a new material is widely used, each big brand enterprise become material "to be bestowed favor on newly".

An outdoor furniture material the use of the positive, mix direction; Steel structure, steel model structure make the material of furniture express more dynamic.

Extension of 10, from furniture to space

China's domestic large construction projects to the acceleration of urbanization process and the transformation of landscape type and functional, with sightseeing, leisure, entertainment and as the main body of public leisure places

Senior residential area and villas project start in succession, built a lot of the hotel, gymnasium, office buildings, shops, garden, swimming pool, beach, park, golf

Stadium, tennis court, coffee shops, cafes, high-grade leisure entertainment, private houses, enterprises and institutions leisure places with a strong demand for outdoor furniture and supplies, such as this

Some have greatly increased the area of outdoor recreational space.

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