In Optimization Evolutionary | Milan Exhibition Soft Furniture Trends Report

- Apr 13, 2017-

Continuous optimization of modular design

The modular design of sofa at milan fair has become the dominant trend of the brand through the module design of continuous optimization, including accessories into a single module updates and module, in the limited between modules, provide more abundant choice. Its essence is a brand in exploring how to better balance of mass production and diversified needs.

Based on the function of the new way of life detail optimization

Electronic products to change the way of life of consumers, new way of life of the function of software products for daily high frequency contact also puts forward the new demand. How to brush the phone more comfortable sofa, bed, playing with pad, milan's brands gave his answer.

Synchronized fashion colour

Milan exhibition every year, of course, will not miss the pantone color figure, for the quarter fashion color is, the brand will be key response by switching fabrics. In 2017 the annual grass green color is commonly found in this year's show.

New supporting small

Main products of sofa, the hammock models are relatively stable, but to form a complete set of small more development space, become a highlight of the important products. Mainly through the fair this year, supporting small variety models, multiple material combination and design of mix to make changes.

The style is extremely space atmosphere

After the change of the product itself to reduce, more space expression changes present in the nonphysical. Space is the change of light and shadow, soft outfit the ornament of green plant, make the finishing point of ornaments, milan exhibition software brand dedicated to us a wonderful party. Multiple material combination and design of mix to make changes.

Researcher afterword

Presented by milan software brands change phenomenon, we can perceive milan behind software product modeling is constant because brands have settled out tone's own development and growth system. Under this framework, the brand will only be based on the trend of annual change as part of the optimization and innovation of packaging, weighed and not to blindly accommodate market lost its essence.

Belt surface, through the analysis of software products, we hope that more companies can through the appearance, see the international benchmarking the logic behind the brand development, searches the high-order survival law of furniture industry.

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