In San Francisco, California, The Ban On Upholstered Furniture And Teen Products Is Banned

- Nov 24, 2017-

  In San Francisco, California, the ban on upholstered furniture and teen products is banned
On October 24, 2017, San Francisco board of supervisors has been amended by environmental legislation (Ordinance amending theEnvironment Code to ban the sale in San Francisco of upholstered furniture andjuvenile products made with or containing an added flame retardant chemical), banned the sale products containing flame retardants upholstered furniture and adolescents.
1. The products concerned shall not be sold from 1 January 2019;
2. Starting from January 1, 2019, it will not be allowed to sell soft materials of soft materials of more than 1000ppm of flame retardants or upholstered furniture or furniture;
3. The above ban applies to electrical products or electronic components from 1 July 2019.
Label requirements:
Upholstery upholstered furniture and upholstered upholstery should be labeled with the label, which should indicate that no flame retardant is required to meet SB1019 requirements.
1. Involved in products: contains more than 1000 PPM flame retardant upholstered furniture, renovation decoration upholstered furniture, or juvenile products, not including second-hand furniture (not a refurbished upholstered furniture decoration) or juvenile products.
2. Teenagers products: new and designed for infants and children under the age of 12 at home use product, not including furniture and insulation regulations involved in the product, including but not limited to cradle, auxiliary soft seat cushion, in mat, floor to play with the pad, highchair, high chair cushion, baby carrier, baby swing, baby walker, baby seats, nursing pad, pillow, playpen, game bed, portable clip-on chair, baby carriages and child sleeping MATS. The main purpose of the product is not to use at home, such as automobile products or parts, ships, aircraft, or other vehicles; B. Section 49 of article 49 of the federal statute for automobile and aircraft products and components; C. The product needs to meet the flammability requirements of 16CFR 1632 or 16CFR 1633. D. The product needs to meet the flammability test standard for the flammability test procedure for public available furniture in California (technical bulletin for TB 133).
3. Renovation decoration upholstered furniture, fabrics, filler, decoration, barrier materials, foam, or other elastic filler replaced furniture (during redecorate without selling), according to the California TB117-2013 technical bulletin, to meet the flammability test standard. Upholstery upholstery furniture does not include products that meet California's no. 133 technical bulletin.
4. Flame retardants: any chemical or chemical composition that prevents or prevents the spread of fire. Flame retardant chemicals including but not limited to, halogen flame retardants, phosphate flame retardants, nitrogen flame retardants, and nanoscale flame retardants (reference of California health and safety section 105440 "specified chemical substances listed in the" flame retardant chemicals, as well as the reference to federal regulations chapter 29 articles 1910.12009 (g), any words appear in the material safety data sheet "flame" chemicals).
5.SB1019: upholstered furniture: flame retardant chemicals.

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