In The Next Five Years, These Categories And Styles Will Be Hot Spots

- Jun 20, 2019-

  1. Comfortable mattress. The demand is still strong, but the brands that join the battle group are too many, and each other will be more uncomfortable, especially the brand with weak market foundation;

  2, personalized custom furniture. From the modularized custom furniture "hard copy" has been unable to meet the needs of a new generation of users, they like personalized things, including beautiful form and color, material selection and so on.

  3, the popularity of modern Italian style. Subdivided into Italian software and Italian solid wood, which is ceccotti.

  4. New Chinese furniture. Continuing the characteristics of Chinese Ming and Qing furniture, the new Chinese style combines modern design with no school and Chinese aesthetics. At present, many foreign designs have begun to involve the field of new Chinese furniture, which is the new trend of furniture design in the future.

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