Indoor Application Of Outdoor Furniture

- Apr 28, 2020-



The style of contemporary contracted and comfortable sit feeling, in any interior space also without violate with feeling.This set of furniture arbitrary combination, capricious in the rules, there is capricious in the rules.

Indoor application of outdoor furniture 4


Cloth art outdoor sofa is introduced from indoor outdoor application, implant outdoor concept, the market acceptance is very good.

The flexibility that material applies, added the aesthetic feeling of furniture, apply to indoor space conversely, added the recreational element that is not same to indoor space.

Indoor application of outdoor furniture 2


Industrial design style stresses primitive, plain and simple lines.This furniture contracted line, as well as metallic lightsome feeling, natural go the plain that carve act the role ofing and immanent, foiled industrial design style very well.

Indoor application of outdoor furniture 3


Black, white and grey is the infallible combination of design elements.Cool color attune receives the hot sunshine in outdoors, jump in the style that gives sex is cold indoors.RITZ series are cool outside and indoors.

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Sunlight through the French Windows into the room, full of nature.The sofa of medium and regular, slightly full body, let whole space very atmosphere.

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