Industrial Interaction Together To Help The Furniture Business Oil To Water

- Jun 02, 2017-

The promotion and popularization of any new things will require the whole industry and the joint efforts of all parties. Water-based paint has been into China for more than a few years, people's awareness of environmental protection has been increasing, water-based paint has been more and more industries and consumers attention and favor, which is the industry together the parties are inseparable.

From the national policy, industry, business to university, media, and then to consumers, and paint related to each part of this "oil to water" revolution which played an important role, and are indispensable, need to work together to promote. It now appears that all over the country promulgated the "history of the most stringent" environmental standards, the national policy level has been completed a strong high pressure. From the industry point of view, whether it is paint industry associations or furniture industry associations, have launched a "oil to water" policy guidance, promotion and counseling.

     Paint business itself as a "oil to water" reform of the core components, in this reform should be the main force. After two years of exploration, more powerful paint companies have been actively taking measures to develop water-based paint, furniture companies have gradually joined and reform camp. However, although the consumer side has a sense of environmental awareness, but for the acceptance of water-based paint is still low.

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