Industry Should Face Up To Homogeneity, Enhance The Capacity Of Origina

- May 02, 2017-

Furniture market common face "bump" events, make consumers of vexed, in the long run, more make the brand effect is reduced, customer loyalty.

This is an age of personalized, popular mainstream products have been difficult to capture the heart of the consumer products and copied from elsewhere.

Enterprise only strengthen the original consciousness, improve the level of original, avoid homogeneity, to be successful in the market competition to get the favour of consumers, occupy more consumer market.

The fate of the homogeneity to starts

In the furniture industry, the protection of intellectual property rights question has always been troubled areas of the development of the industry, from product appearance design, brand concept, and even the phenomenon such as the brand logo.

Combined with its appearance design easy to imitate, so selling products are always not escape the fate of the copy.

It is reported, this copy product streets depending on two aspects: first, an application for a patent for a longer time period, to finish the whole process will take a long time;

Second, the legal definition imitation copy is not clear, make partial businessman.

Not only such, imitation plagiarism immeasurably the profit, not only can save the link of product research and development, design a large number of manpower material resources, can directly bring more sales, help them to complete the annual target.


To strengthen the ability of original

Any, to the development of an enterprise needs the money and brand promotion.

Facing with the situation of current furniture industry, copying for enterprises is a vile and vice.

Therefore, the enterprise is the key of the development of the original consciousness to strengthen, improve the level of original, increase awareness of the protection of intellectual property rights.

When enterprise development to a certain size, product marketing has been automatically converted to brand marketing, original design also naturally become one of the core factors of corporate brand win.

As is known to all, once the brand is labeled as imitation plagiarism, the image of the enterprise will be destroyed.

So, furniture enterprises need innovation, design more products that meet the consumer demand, can be based on the market.

"Hit face" not embarrassed, whoever ugly embarrassment.

To avoid the homogeneity, furniture enterprise must start from now, starts from each product.


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