Insight Into The Trend, Reflect The Trend, To Create A Classic

- Jan 09, 2018-

Trend research is a cognitive ability to conceal signals, usually weak signals, which predict the future of the signal from the natural, social, technological, demographic, cultural, ethnic customs and other trends.

1) Macro trend: Observing change from a large area (national or international), usually involving demographic, political, economic, environmental, technical, social and cultural content.


2) micro trend: The observation of small-scale changes, usually involving social culture, technology and function.

Driven by the trend, most products are drifting. Few people will reflect on the adverse effects brought by the current trend. The prevalence may be that momentarily he will have an impact on the community and even leave behind a lot of domestic waste after the trend.

Really reflect the trend of the enterprise, then he will be able to create a classic, long-term heritage. I hope everyone can look at the long-term interests to do products, rather than staring at the small profits in the future will certainly lose Italy. Not tempted, imaginative, create good products, grace public.

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