Integrated Design Becomes A New Generation Trend?

- Jul 02, 2019-

  Beginning in 2019, it is a positive contest for many custom home furnishing companies that carry the manufacturing technology of Industry 4.0. In the custom home market where product differentiation is getting smaller and smaller.

   However, with the improvement of the material level, people's awareness of the United States has greatly increased, and the new generation of users has become more and more personalized and differentiated. Thereby promoting the development of the custom industry.

   Many well-known companies rely on capital advantages and brand advantages to cross the border to compete for custom home cakes. From the current point of view, the furniture, wooden doors, flooring, and panel industry across the industry collectively cross-border into custom, this is not a simple industry phenomenon. From the developer to the interior design to the overall furniture, electrical appliances, decoration, involving many industries. It also shows that the integrated design conforms to the trend of this era.

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