Is The Furniture Manufacturing Industry Overseas An Innovative Way Of Expanding Overseas?

- Dec 19, 2018-

Overseas factories, such as Gujia and Qumei, have chosen to expand overseas markets through mergers and acquisitions. This is a relatively traditional way of requiring enterprises to have certain capital strength.

Under the trend of sharing economy, an innovative overseas expansion method emerged: In 2017, Bangkok, Thailand ushered in a factory called Weishang Furniture. This local Thai factory joined the first full-service team in China. The elements, the manufacturing workshop, and the transformation of the production system are all guided by Weishang. In terms of order processing, Weishang virtualized the Thai factory in China, and simultaneously sent the production plan to the factory in Thailand, and also helped them to purchase raw materials in China. It is a combination of the Weishang model and the Thai factory. The advantage of this is that the resources of both parties are complementary and the benefits are maximized.

In today's and tomorrow's world where the world is becoming more and more intertwined, relying on their respective advantages, the integration of mutual empowerment can bring real value to customers, and also enable both companies to obtain maximum commercial profits.

In the era of mobile Internet, many resources are placed in the “cloud”. Anytime anywhere can be seamlessly coordinated with the demand side and the central control center. Furniture companies also need such resource coordination capabilities to create bigger projects with minimal investment. output.

In the future, the best way to integrate Southeast Asian and Chinese furniture industry is that they will give full play to their production resources. Chinese companies will play their own design and sales advantages and form a perfect international industrial chain to jointly develop the furniture market in China and the world.

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