It Is Not Easy For Traditional Furniture Companies To Embrace The Internet.

- Oct 24, 2018-

For traditional enterprises, it is not easy to change the existing model and embrace the Internet. The difficulties are different. The problems of different entrepreneurships in the era are still the same, and it is not just a model problem. The scientific marketing thinking of enterprises is particularly important.

If traditional business owners are inherently insensitive or uninterested in the Internet, there are no shortage of talents with various platform operating experience on the network. These conditions can be quickly resolved in a short period of time, and truly restrict traditional entrepreneurs or bosses. It is a scientific marketing thinking that does not have real effectiveness.

For example, how to judge the competitiveness of your products through some surveys, assuming that you want to open a furniture store, but consider whether the style is popular, whether the price is reasonable, and the most important point is the choice of the store, the choice of the store can be described It is the life and death of this business, and it is not simply that the store has more traffic and good feng shui. It is necessary to comprehensively consider the target group's target population, conversion rate, customer unit price, and so on.

Similarly, the same scientific thinking is needed from offline to online, but the flow of people becomes data such as PV and IP on the network, but it is essentially the same. All need to do their own products, promote to the precise target population (IP), do a good job before and after sales service.

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