Italian Furniture Brand Cannot Leave Three Force

- Oct 28, 2017-

 Dong zhanwei, a lecturer at the shenzhen training center of the Italian malagoni college, is from Italy. Italy is a country with numerous fashion and design top brands, and countless luxury brands have become the universal language of the world. Dong Zhan wei think luxury brand success is only part of the Italian design, Italian pride and relied on for the design, also is not confined to, such as clothing, handbags, jewelry, furniture as an important category of design, has a pivotal position in Italy. 


He told nandu that the interaction between design, business and production was the main reason for the Italian brand's success. The first one, the Italian designer; Second, Italian entrepreneurs; Third, Italian artisans and Italian industrial estates. 


Designers, entrepreneurs, and even artisans, a lot of people see it. What is the industrial area? In different parts of Italy there are industrial areas that are specifically designed for furniture design. The industrial area to provide resources, has the ability to processing of raw materials, many companies are small companies, are in the industrial zone, they represent the production capacity, compared with traditional craftsmen, more adapted to modern society. 


Industrial zones must work with entrepreneurs and designers to succeed. In their cooperation, enterprises have distribution ability, production capacity and investment ability. Designers are creative. But there is a big difference between furniture design and clothing design. In general, designers in clothing companies belong to this brand. In Italy furniture designers are external to the company, they are divided according to the project. 

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