Japanese Modern Furniture Design

- May 29, 2018-

The beginning of modern industrial design in Japan began with learning and drawing on European and American designs. The 50th and 69th centuries of the 20th century were the early stages of Japan's economic development. Its industrial design began with imitating European and American products, and it was designed to open up international designs. Many products in this period had obvious mimicry traces. Since the 1970s, Japan's economy has entered its heyday of prosperity and development. Industrial design has also been greatly developed. From imitation to improvement, from improvement to creation, Japan's distinctive design style has gradually emerged and it has become one of the world's largest design nations.

A group of design masters in the furniture industry, such as Liu Zongli, Chuan Shangyuan, Xi Duo Junzhi, and Si Lang Cangsong, made outstanding contributions to Japanese furniture to the world and created a number of classic works of modern furniture in the world, such as Liu Zongli’s The butterfly chair, the Hi-Jun's snoring chair, and the moonlight sofa of Shi Langsong.

While Japanese modern furniture is tightly confined to the world's trends, it has not given up its excellent traditional culture and it has integrated national style with international trends. It is well worth learning and learning from contemporary Chinese furniture design.

armchair.jpgButterfly Chair.png

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