Layman Cross-border Robbery, Furniture Industry Will Lose Some Markets

- Mar 03, 2018-

Home area is currently in a big industry, the status of small businesses, the face of rising concentration of time, to compete for more and more enterprises in the market, as a very sticky industry, the traditional furniture retail channels gradually lost Market entry status.

One phenomenon that can not be ignored in recent years is that more and more "barbarians outside the furniture industry" are getting into the furniture segment from upstream real estate companies and home improvement companies in an attempt to integrate furniture into the business. Coupled with the Internet and emerging consumer habits As well as consumer staples such as MUJI, millet and even H & M.


As a very sticky industry, the traditional furniture retail channel gradually lost its market entry status.


At the same time, the future is an irresistible trend: With the housing hardcover industrialization swept the real estate-related industry chain, hardcover times, counters, storage and other solid furniture by the real estate business unified support is completed, in line with hardcover housing acceptance criteria Part of the activities of furniture also set by the real estate developers set up a collection center completed, as well as building materials, designers, custom, soft loading and other industries cross-border robbery, furniture industry will lose the vast majority of market share!

Not eroded, we must take the initiative to transition


In the Shenzhen Furniture Industry Association, Institute of hardcover residential Guan Yongkang seems, this is not alarmist, but in the domestic industry already exists in the status quo.


According to the previously proposed "eight packages" theory, that is, design service kits, construction service kits, decorative master kits, solid furniture kits, activities furniture kits, soft accessories kits, household appliances kits and functional kits, in this industry chain In the industry is bound to move forward integration, to seize the entrance and the market, while the front is bound to nibble backward and integrate the downstream industry chain.


Currently, before the unity of architecture, decoration and furniture design language, the development trend of customized furniture is still strong. The traditional furniture, in addition to adjustment, restructuring, no other way.


Either professional, or platform


How to transition? Guan Yongkang think there are two directions worth considering.


First, platform. In the front of the hardcover industrial chain of residential sectors, comprehensively promote the platform strategy, transformation of large-scale industrialization mode. For such enterprises, software and services will become the most important threshold.


Second, specialization. Located in the more hardcover industrial chain residential more back-end industries, the more you want to take a single category, professional development model. At the same time, the implementation of multi-channel innovation, online and offline integration of the upstream and downstream industry chain, or into the consumer side, to seize the market personalized to the volume to win.


The moment, the industry changes faster and faster, who's faster transition, who will win the market. Once technology and brand barriers are completely formed, even businesses that want to enter will inevitably have difficulties. Therefore, only breaking the border, seizing the entrance, and changing our thinking can we find the future in the turbulent industrial changes.

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