Liaoning Benxi Furniture And Wood Products Enterprise Export Volume Growth.

- Mar 02, 2018-

In 2017, the liaoning entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau offices, under the support of benxi benxi 857 batch export furniture, and wood products, value 155 million yuan, year-on-year growth of 19.2% and 19.9%, respectively, a good momentum of development.

To insure the stable growth of the city's furniture, and wood products export, the liaoning entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau offices benxi in-depth implementation on the 19th congress "must adhere to quality first, efficiency first, in order to supply side structural reform as the main line" requirements, under the great effort to carry out "quality improvement action", and help enterprises to improve product quality and management level. We will strengthen daily supervision of export furniture and wood products production enterprises to ensure the quality and safety. On the basis of risk assessment, integrity management and enterprise classification are implemented to improve the quality assurance system, improve the control ability of critical control points, and improve product quality and qualification rate. Inspection regulations at the same time, innovation, moderately reduce the random batches for export enterprises, wood products and furniture exports to not smoke in the practice the "put", fully using the "paperless inspection", "release via E" new technologies such as customs clearance, to shorten the customs clearance time, simplify the process, to reduce the cost of customs clearance.

It is understood that the whole city at present, there are 6 enterprises export furniture, and wood products, mainly exported to the floor, table, chairs, cabinets and other household furniture, exported to the United States, Europe and Australia and other countries and regions.

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