Maintenance Method Of PE / PVC Rattan Table And Table

- Mar 07, 2017-

  Under normal circumstances, only need to clean the rattan tables and chairs, if necessary, can use weak alkaline (alkaline PH value of less than 8) cleaning agent can be. When you use detergent cleaning must be thoroughly cleaned rattan tables and chairs, so as not to rattan tables and chairs in the direct sunlight to produce chemical qualitative change. You can use soft brush, rag or vacuum cleaner as an auxiliary tool to clean rattan tables and chairs. Rattan tables and chairs when used to avoid strong collision or scratch the hard objects and other hard objects. If prolonged exposure to strong light conditions, it is recommended to put the rattan tables and chairs in non-direct sunlight or the use of furniture cover. Do not place glass, ceramics, shells, etc. Focused on the surface of rattan tables and chairs, so as not to form high temperature broken. If your rattan table and chair skeleton is aluminum alloy, then usually when the maintenance can be washed with tap water, then wipe with a dry cloth, but if the skeleton is iron structure, should not be washed directly with water, or easy to rust, affecting the service life. In addition, when the usual use of rattan tables and chairs, we should pay attention to the interface of the rattan, try not to change the rattan mouth, or easy to take shape.


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