Milan Furniture Fair In 2017: You Can't Miss The Five Most Furniture Exhibition

- Apr 10, 2017-

Milan in 2017 international furniture fair will be held during April 3 to 9. At the appointed time, practitioners from all over the world, and furniture lovers will be gathered. In this week's time, many different locations will be held in milan furniture related small shows, and one of the most compelling, is following this several exhibitions:

1、"development Laminati, An Imaginary City"

Designer Paola Navone will relate to make Laminates (laminated plastic board) for the company development Laminati behind the story, and the manufacture's iconic products on display, in addition to this design specifically for the production of samples, including by the famous architect Ettore Sottsass designed furniture.

2、 "the Action Giromari, House of Birds"

24 designers from Italy and other countries around the world in this activity, play to their unique opinion that for the function, shape, and color, design a variety of unusual bird houses.

3、"Chesapeake Craft and the Design Foundation, Between Serenity and Dynamism: Korean Ceramics"

Chesapeake Craft and the Design Foundation will be on display and exploration of south Korea's traditional architectural art, and because of the culture. In addition, they also can bring South Korea's most outstanding designers of modern design works.More than three exhibition will be held in the Palazzo Della Triennale (Triennale design museum).

4、 Cos x Studio masty swyn

H&M's fashion brand Cos will cooperate with London's art and architecture studio masty swyn, exhibited in Cinema Arti a multi-sensory works. The work appears to be some bubble filled with fog. Studio masty swyn Alexander Groves and Azusa Murakam said: "2016 is full of change and crisis, so we want to be able to launch a can make people meditation works. Our inspiration is the nature and the changing seasons, this change is very beautiful. We want to be able to create a kind of popular experience, to bring people together." Cinema Arti predecessor is a theatre was built in 1930.

5、 "Jellyfish Vase"

Japanese design company Nendo works will be exhibited in milan Jil Sander brand showroom: by the Japanese designer Oki Sato workshop production of "Jellyfish Vase" Vase (Jellyfish). Display vase for total 30, all will be put in the tank. These vases so special is that they are made of thin transparent silicon material, after two after dyeing, not only appearance is very similar and jellyfish, and can be with the change of the water tank the intensity and direction of water flow, the ups and downs, as much as the real jellyfish.

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