Mumbai Furniture Retailer Pepperfry Completes A New Round Of Financing Of 2.5 Billion Rupees

- Mar 26, 2018-

March 12 news, Indian furniture supplier Pepperfry announced the completion of a new round of 2.5 billion rupees in financing, the investor is the asset management company StateStreet Global Advisors. The funds will be used to enter second-tier cities and accelerate the deployment of offline experience centers.

Pepperfry's core users are 30-40 year olds, 70% of sales are concentrated in India's largest 8 cities, and more than 65% of orders are generated on the weekend, because most of the orders are from couples at home, and they only have weekends. Time to discuss and decide together. For those modern people who have money in their pockets but no time to go shopping, Pepperfry offers a relaxed, enjoyable and even cool home shopping experience.

Pepperfry is committed to creating the largest home shopping mall, so it pays special attention to product categories and choices. Pepperfry's furniture business is mainly divided into two parts: its own brand and brand name business. It works with more than 80 brands such as Godrej Interio, Durian, HomeTown, and HomeStop. From Nilkamal's plastic chairs to HomeTown sofas for you to pick, Philips, Corning, Raymond and other global brand-name other products are sold on Pepperfry. It even sells tooling supplies such as V-Guard's voltage stabilizers and chillers, and Bombay Dyeing's bath towels. The profitability of these brand-name products far exceeds Pepperfry's own brand. Shah told Bussiness Today: "A lot of my products are similar to those in the FabIndia or HomeTown stores, but the price will be at least 25-30% cheaper."

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