New York Design, Outdoor Furniture Possibilities

- Nov 14, 2019-

Kin&Company Thin grid

New York City, which has a strong position in green policy, has recently introduced a policy that all new residential and commercial buildings must be roofed with green materials, including applied vegetation, solar energy, mini wind power or all three.But as far as Kin&Company and Asa Pingree could see, more independent and young designers weren't involved in outdoor furniture, so they worked together on an exhibition called Inside/Out that they hope will fill the gap and awaken more outdoor furniture.

Located in a park adjacent to The William Vale hotel in brooklyn, New York, The exhibition offers a more comprehensive experience of The possibilities of outdoor furniture design.In this rooftop park, new American designers come together.The design that they bring, can be applied in outdoor completely not only, also broke through the outdoor furniture image of standard type in impression at the same time.

Mirazzo bench

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