Old Furniture Painting Renovation

- Sep 09, 2017-

For the old furniture with paint refurbished, you can spray with a gun, you can also use the ready-made furniture hand paint spray renovation. General use of new billet new, primary colors refurbished, add color to do new, change color renovation and other four methods. Such as:

1, the old white blank furniture spray new paint: for a long time to use. Not painted, but the surface has been stained with a layer of oil white blank furniture. Just use gasoline to scrub oil traces; sandpaper polished stains: wood can be sprayed with the construction process.

2, the original color renovation: refurbished color and color paint is for the paint has been on the old furniture. With soapy water or gasoline will be stained with oil stains on the pancake can be re-painted; or with the old cloth and yarn head, dipped in caustic soda solution or sodium hydroxide solution, in the old paint all rubbed 1-2 times , All removed after the old roll, you can re-painted the original color of the new paint other paint, varnish.

3, plus color renovation: for some timid old furniture, can be in the original paint color on the basis of Chu, increase the color, re-spray color, the texture immediately upgrade.

4, change color renovation: the color is no longer popular old furniture, used to oil: approved scraping oil putty; sandpaper polished; painted oil; cover and other methods to re-paint, to change color renovation. So that its wood, color, old and new have changed.

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