Original Design And Thought Banquet, Deduct Outdoor Leisure Life Aesthetics | CIFF Brand In Advance.

- Jan 20, 2018-

Whether it is the "gentlemanly nature" of xunzi in China, "good or false", or "what angel made me wake up from the bed of flowers" by western Shakespeare, it is said that beauty is the function of beauty. And design makes people's life to show thousands of gestures, with beautiful and meaningful. A broader vision and a stable economy makes it increasingly necessary to find more "good design" and to lead the right way to "good future".

Application of new materials

On behalf of the enterprise: hongli 

Representative works: stamens.

Material is very important in the field of design, hong li, 暻 on behalf of the designer on the appropriate choice of new materials and clever apply, create a set of function and beauty products, and even to explore new design field, lead the new fashion design.

Booth no. : 17.1D15.

On behalf of hong li, the exhibition was held in the eighth provincial governor's cup, and won the award of the new Chinese style.


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