Outdoor Barbecue Related Furniture Products To Lead The United States Household Market In The Future

- May 03, 2017-

Technavio new study revealed that 2017 to 2021, or will affect the important trend of outdoor furniture market.

Technavio furniture and home decoration market research analysts Poonam Saini, said: "as the national economy from 2008 to 2009, slowly recovered from the financial crisis of the United States construction activity continues to increase, especially family housing construction, the consumer demand for outdoor furniture also will increase."

According to the report of the Technavio, this 3 big market trend or will affect the outdoor furniture market:

Outdoor barbecue related furniture products demand cooking shows and various forms of recipes inspired the American consumer interest in cooking, grill outdoor cooking equipment such as rising demand.As the concept of outdoor kitchen more and more popular with consumers, so they to grill equipment such as investment in the next few years will increase.Backyard space is not large, but portable grill like outdoor barbecue consumer favorite.

Multi-functional outdoor furniture products of outdoor living concept to promote the growing demand for the multifunctional furniture, for example, now on the market have all kinds of can change into the chair and table of the bookshelf.

Now on the market also appeared a built-in storage space, tableware tables and chairs, let consumer can according to their own needs to adjust.And can also serve as a chair and a few legs soft stools.Consumers increasingly want home products also can be used as outdoor furniture.

More and more manufacturers environmental protection furniture environmental problems, the negative impact of forest deforestation and consumer concern about furniture release toxic gas, has already put furniture makers to adopt more green manufacturing solutions.For example, in May 2015, ikea began Harjedalen 30 turbines operating in Sweden, let it become the Nordic countries have independent energy furniture manufacturers.

Poonam said: "manufacturers are starting to use bamboo production series of beautiful and high quality furniture, like Greenington enterprise also began to produce environmental protection furniture."


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