Outdoor Comfortable Bamboo Rattan Furniture Maintenance Tips

- Dec 25, 2017-

Bamboo rattan furniture can absorb a certain amount of moisture, but if adsorption excessive moisture, it will become soft, the structure is loose, plane droop. Therefore, when the bamboo rattan furniture is damp, be careful not to let its knitting shape go away, so that when it is dry, it will shrink to its original size.

Clean cane makes furniture is not troublesome, slowly do to return can cultivate sex. The brush that can use a soft head is brushed from the net by the inside brush to go to dust. If the stain is too heavy, use scour, vegetable oil, soap is the best cleanser to wash rattan furniture. Do it again. If white cane chair, finally still need to wipe a bit of vinegar, make it with detergent, in case of change of color. Use a brush dip with baking soda water brush cane chair, also can get rid of the dirt.

Bamboo rattan furniture USES time long if have accumulation scale, the best use brine scrub, not only can decontamination, still can make cane soft, rich flexibility.

The cane makes furniture most avoid to place next to the heating, its adhesion part will become dry because of heat, avoid sunshine direct fire, in case the cane material fades, become dry. Use a few tools on hand, like wicker and tooth brush, or paint brush, can put the paint brush bristles short half to become a little brush, hind both brush like a fingernail, and former like a pencil thickness pin, can cutting a pen implement in nib, with them can eliminate cane makes furniture in the dirt.

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