Outdoor Furniture Exhibition Area, Honly Furniture Takes You Into The Beautiful Leisure And Slow Life |CIFF Is A Wonderful First Look.

- Jan 18, 2018-

  March of each year, is the prime time for global business,

Guangzhou furniture is the focus of the world when Guangzhou;

March of each year, is also a hundred flowers competing in the South,

A public outdoor home brands,

Accompanied by the greening and prosperity of Guangzhou, at the time of the fair of China's home.

As the first international event to deliver a beautiful outdoor leisure lifestyle all over the world, the 41st (Guangzhou) Home Expo - Outdoor Home Zone from March 18 to March 21, 2018 will take " To sigh "as the theme, held in the Poly World Trade Center Grand.

In 2018, the Outdoor Home Zone will bring 350 high-quality outdoor home chain enterprises at home and abroad to bring together a wide range of high quality outdoor home products, original product designs, various leisure life concepts in both China and foreign countries and trends in the industry to 70,000 square meters D zone in China's home Expo, allowing enterprises to enjoy the charm of the product in five major theme exhibition hall, so that the audience in the leisure time, full of resources.

Horticultural experience + innovative materials

Innovative double sword show

In response to market demand and corporate voices, the audience is given a richer outdoor home lifestyle concept. The Outdoor Home Zone adds a natural-filled horticultural experience hall (Hall 17.3), enriching the "Garden" product type and living experience in Area D. Comfortable furniture, gently shade the sunshade shed, as well as green plants and flowers embellished them, showing the exhibition area in many directions, "Busy and slow, sigh" concept for a better life and help a better life.

Have good materials to have a good product. Outdoor Home Zone has always been dedicated to providing high-quality outdoor home furnishing materials to businesses and visitors. In addition to constantly introducing international branded companies such as Sunbrella, it enriches the themes and enhances its quality. At the same time, based on the existing material areas, 18.2) aims to provide new material information, interpret new ideas, new materials, new designs, new services and new display points, and give the audience a more high-quality and comprehensive information in the form of product launches and event forums Innovative choices and surprises, really for the industry and enterprises to solve practical problems in the use of materials.

The rise of original design of outdoor furniture.

The exhibition helps "good design" to land.

Stable economic development, an open global communication trends, let more and more excellent enterprises and designers will good outdoor furniture design at home and abroad into the global market, also let "good design" gradually from "luxury" shift in people's mind in order to "necessity". People's high demand of the "good design", more let product originality has become each big brand efforts to overcome a highland, and as more and more attention of intellectual property rights, original design also gradually become China's outdoor household a sword in the development of enterprises.

The left image is from honly furniture!

To assist industry will be "original" 2 words carry out in the end, at the same time with enterprise as the voice of the Chinese original design demand, home expo outdoor exhibition WAPUS hand in hand, VINEKO, high welding, cool, companies such as "enterprise designers speak" series activities, let the audience have the opportunity to further understand the product design, material used and the functional combination of design concept, further transfer the value of the original design.

To be continued...

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